Egypt: Relative Calm Returns to Tahrir Square

| January 2, 2013 | 0 Comments

A state of relative calm prevailed in Tahrir on Tuesday morning, following heated arguments between organizers who had planned New Year celebrations in the Square but protesters objected to it.

The protesters had threatened that they would disconnect the electricity supply if any celebrations took place in the square.

The Square is now clear with the exception of some tents and protesters who continue to shut it with barbed wire and iron barriers, while there was a decrease in the number of street vendors, reported the Middle East News Agency.

Tahrir Square witnessed attacks by unknown assailants who randomly shot at the tents of protesters on Monday morning.

Two protesters were wounded in the shooting, Mohanad Samir Meselhi and Mostafa Diab Mohsen.

Samir, 20, suffered birdshot wounds on the left side of the face and the cranium as well as skull fractures, Amr said.

The Interior Ministry has arrested those who are responsible for the shooting, its spokesperson said on Tuesday, denying reports of deaths.

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