Egypt: Presidential Palace Severely Damaged

| February 9, 2013 | 0 Comments

Cairo’s prosecutor investigations revealed on Saturday that the presidential palace suffered severe damages. Gate (four) of the palace was set aflame and completely burned.

The guard booths outside the palace were also demolished.

The prosecution issued an order to arrest the suspects for twenty-four hours pending the inquiries of the criminal investigation office.

The prosecution is currently investigating with 12 defendants who are accused of unlawful assembly, vandalism of public and private properties and other charges.

Scuffles erupted on Friday as some protesters attempted to remove barbed wire placed at the gates of Cairo’s presidential palace and climb over the gates.

The security forces dispersed the protest using teargas bombs after a number of protesters tried to hurl stones and petrol bombs at the palace which started a fire.

Several parties and political powers had called for demonstrations to demand ousting President Mohamed Mursi.

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