Egypt: Mursi Plans Cabinet Reshuffle

| December 27, 2012 | 0 Comments

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi said on Wednesday there are talks with Prime Minister Hisham Kandil for a needed cabinet reshuffle.

The president addressed the nation in a televised speech in light of the ratification of a new constitution, congratulating the nation for finally passing through the transitional phase.

He said the new constitution makes him a servant of the people and does not grant him absolute powers, stressing that he is not a power-addict.

Mursi asserted that the referendum took place under full judicial supervision, with media observation and the protection of the Armed Forces.

The president opened his speech with extending his thanks everyone who participated in the referendum voting process, stressing that Egypt is at a new phase after passing the charter that will bring us security and stability.

“I renew my call for a national unity dialogue with all political forces,” Mursi said.

He stressed that differences in political stances and ideologies are natural and healthy, expressing his sadness that some forces did not acknowledge the difference between peaceful expression of opinion and resorting to violence to impose their views.

Mursi mentioned new projects in services and production sectors in addition to plans to attract investors, saying, “I will work … to push the economy forward.”

He said that ministerial adjustments that fit with the new stage will take place soon.

In concluding his speech, Muri renewed his pledge to respect the constitution and the law.

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