Egypt: 19 Injured in Alexandria Clashes

| January 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

Photo: Xinhua/STR

The number of people injured on Friday in Alexandria rose to 19 following clashes between police forces and protesters near the local municipality in Kom al-Dekka, a source at the Ministry of Health said.

The field hospital in the area received around 200 people, most of whom suffered suffocation from teargas fired by security forces, head of the field hospital and member of the Doctors’ Syndicate Taher Mokhtar reported.

The hospital also received one protester wounded with birdshots but he was transferred to another hospital for treatment due to the limited resources of the field hospital, Mokhtar added.

A number of protesters seized residential buildings of the central security forces (CSF) in Kom al-Dekka area.

They also took hold of the CSF’s vehicles building.

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