Dutch Expert Hails Nigerian Coaches

| December 19, 2012 | 0 Comments

Over 60 grassroots coaches have benefitted from the first edition of the Free-Kicks ‘Training the Trainers’ programme held at the National Institute for Sports pitch, at the National Stadium in Lagos.

Harrald Stelder, one of the five trainers from Holland praised the ability of the Nigerian coaches to easily adapt to the techniques of modern day football.

Fast learners

The Dutch said the grassroot coaches are fast learners, and can now boast of the latest tactical and technical knowhow in the game of football.

“These grassroots coaches are fast learners, they learn easily.

“They’ve adapted to the latest techniques in the game, because we’ve put them through so many trainings.

“We taught them how to defend, attack, put pressure on opponent and so many others, he added.

The programme

At least 400 children will take to the pitch on Wednesday for their own training at the same venue.

Free-Kick, a youth and social engineering initiative on the platform of football by Godwin Dudu-Orumen, lawyer/journalist and a most engaging sports enthusiast, will act as a game changer for Nigeria’s football from the grassroots.

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