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One Love, Many Tears, a book written by an Abuja – based Computer Scientist is set to make its first public appearance. CHIKA OKEKE writes that it captures the intrigues, suspense even as it defined true love in its entirety.

One Love, Many Tearsis an expansive collection of hatred, greed, murder, apathy, poverty, and hypocrisy, yet it is a symphony of love, refinement, power, self-identity, passion, and altruism.

Published in 2012 by Author House; United States of America, the 261-page book comes with a colourful glossy paper back that portrays a lady’s traumatic and heart breaking experiences while in search of true love.

Why The Book
The author of the book, Ms Gertrude Uzoh stressed that writing was her greatest weapon to self expression being the reason that she wrote the book.

“Writing is what I do easily and it’s one of the best ways of expressing myself whether positive or negative.

I wrote this book because from the content, you will discover that it’s derived from what is obtainable in our society though it’s a work of fiction.  I wanted to impact on people’s life positively which has always been my greatest desire in life.

“I am currently working on another one and I have plans to continue writing. Though it’s my first work and has been receiving some criticism but so far, it has been so encouraging based on the people’s response.

On whether she intends to dump her professional career for writing, she said, “No way, I won’t dump my professional career because it’s like two things running inside one body that is; between computer Science and writing. As long as I have the capacity to handle both, I will make sure that none interferes with another.

Challenges So Far
Enumerating her challenges, she added, “It’s a challenge every step of the way and I thank God that all have been surmounted. I am at the stage of trying to launch this book and possibly create awareness on its content. The challenge facing this stage now is basically funds because to launch the book, I need financial assistance likewise sponsorship. I am calling on the general public to assist in bringing this book to the public domain.

Brief About The Book
Cynthia never knew that love could be free and whole until she came across love in its purest form. Battered and embittered by unfortunate experiences, even from a very tender age, she was hardened and lonely, sad and in a shell.

Paul and Edmond are men who define their own quality and create their own world. Standing out in their own unique mixes of strength, wealth, and good looks, still, they are more than those aspects, and it is simply a matter of the heart before either of them can break in through Cynthia’s walls. Paul’s love was soul-tearing, Edmond’s mind-splitting…

About The Author
Ms Getrude U Uzoh holds a Bsc in Computer Science from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Anambra state. A native of Ozubulu in Anambra state, she is an insightful presenter, singer, public speaker, and writer.

She is a recipient of an Award for her contributions as a facilitator of Millennium Development Goals/Family and Community Life Education (MDGs-FACOLE) during her one year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) deployment to Bauchi state.

As a talented writer and speaker, she is dedicated to the message of love which gave birth to the book. Uzoh is also the founder of Green Titans Nigeria, a new platform that advocates positive lifestyles through entertainment, public sensitisation and philanthropy.

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