Creativity, vital in special make-up effects, says artist

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Prosthetic makeup which is referred to as special make-up effects or SFx Make-up is use to create unreal characters or create an illusion of something. It is often employed by the film industry. Arebamem Precious Campbell, the Lagos-based CEO of Campbell’s Definition speaks to YOUTHVILLE in this interview about her recent foray into the relatively untapped industry in Nigeria.

What is Campbell Definition?

Campbell’s Definition is a prosthetic and beauty makeup brand with interest in fashion designing, and photography.

How would you describe your kind of art?

I will define my art as illusionism because I always try to create the illusion of a real object on things

Did you go through any professional training?

I actually did not. You know people get to ask me this question a lot and they get surprised by my answers. Truth is, I’m self-taught. I learnt most of everything I know today via YouTube.

What is your favourite SFx makeup look or movie?

My favourite SFx makeup look is from a very good Instagram artiste, Mimles. She did this makeup thing for Ezra miller for met gala.  I have been trying to recreate that. I have tried it severally I still haven’t gotten it. We keep trying.

What is the most important quality for such makeup artist?

To me creativity is the most important. My advice to potential SFx makeup artist is to find creativity even in the least things and keep pushing. Consistency is key.

Nigeria hasn’t done much in this line. What’s your view about our movie industry?

Honestly, I think we still have a long way to go in adopting prosthetic makeup into the Nigeria movie industry. There are so many factors to consider such as low budget for movies which prevents early adoption of SFx makeup.

How do you stay abreast of the latest SFx trends?

Honestly I just watch YouTube videos and surf the internet and stay updated.

What are some of the projects you have worked on?

Well currently, I am more into teaching young girls (teenagers) prosthetic makeup. That’s why I currently have students who just registered for the first section of classes starting this month. And I will be teaching everything. Making them sound in beauty and prosthetic makeup.  Because I also believe passing on this knowledge to younger ones would play a big role in making SFx makeup adopted in our society.

Have you attained a profitable level in this business?

Right now, we haven’t started making profit yet as the brand was just recently launched. However the plan is to become profitable.

What are the challenges the business needs to surmount?

The biggest challenge currently is unavailability of good products in Nigeria. Most products are usually bought from overseas. Talking about capital, I would say it totally depends on how you want to get started, but if you want to start up on a small scale 150,000 naira should be good.

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