Cameroon: Baby Electrocuted in Yaounde

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She unknowingly picked up the end of a loose cable cut by a neighbour’s angry ex-boyfriend.

Twenty-month old Sophie Yolande Ebene did not live to see the year 2013. She died in the courtyard of her parents’ residence in the Ebom (near Simbock) neighbourhood in Yaounde after an electric shock from a loose electric cable that she unknowingly picked up to play with on Sunday, December 30, 2012.

According to her father, Lepadou Wado Guy, the electricity cable had been cut by his neighbour’s ex-boyfriend, Emah Martin Sylvain, a commercial motorbike rider. The latter was bent on cutting all advantages he helped his former girlfriend, Ngo Binyougue Agathe, obtain after the end of their relationship that sent him packing out of the house they had live in for seven years. “I took breakfast with my little girl and her elder brother in the morning before leaving. Only to be called back by midday that my daughter was lying dead at the Ad-Lucem Foundation Hospital in Obobogo neighbourhood after cardiac reanimation failed to bring her back to life,” the wailing father told Cameroon Tribune.

When investigating officers of the Efoulan Gendarmerie Research Brigade arrived the scene by 5 pm on Sunday, Little Sophie Yolande Ebene laid lifeless on the sofa of her parents’ house with her beautiful Christmas hairdo giving her the appearance of a “sleeping beauty”. She joins her late twin sister who died at birth. Meanwhile, Emah Martin Sylvain was still on the run.

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