Angola: Banking Union to Build Hospital for Employees

| March 2, 2013 | 0 Comments

Luanda — The National Union of Banking Employees of Angola (SNEBA) Friday in Luanda announced the construction of a hospital for employees and which will also attend to officials of the financial sector.

The CEO of SNEBA, Patrício José da Costa, announced this Friday in Luanda during the signing of partnership between Midiplus firm and SNEBA, underlining that the move is intended to protect the interets of members, aimed at greater dignity at work place.

He stressed the need to offer greater dignity to banking staff, taking into account the specificity of their job.

“As a union, our action should be centred on rights of members,” he added.

He said that the SNEBA is working to increase the number of members, due to the increase in the country of the number of banks.

Founded in 1996, the national union of banking employees of Angola (SNEBA) joined “União Network Internacional”, the World Union Organisation in 1997.

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