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Prior to its release, Uzee Concept’s Maja was arguably one of the most anticipated movies in Kannywood.

The film was eventually released last week. A visit to a video store was especially telling as fans clamored to get their hands on copies of the DVD.

Most of the excitement directed at Maja stems from the presence of two big stars in the leading roles – Nkem Owoh (Osuofia) and Rabilu Musa (Ibro); one a huge name in Nollywood, the other of equal status in Kannywood.

Maja is a comedy about two stubborn men who have one mother but different fathers. One was born in eastern Nigeria and the other in the north. After the younger son, Ibro, lost his father, the brothers united, with Osuofia coming to the north to live with his mother (Mai Aya) and brother.

The result of the reunion was catastrophic for the poor mother.

The movie was mainly in Hausa except for Osuofia’s parts which were in English but sub-titled in Hausa.

The blending of both Igbo and Hausa cultures in a Kannywood movie is commendable. The locations chosen for the film were also apt and there was great continuity. The picture quality was also great.

The subtitles were however, subpar as they were often inaccurate. The choice of some actors for particular roles was also questionable. Aisha Tsamiya, who played Osuofia’s love interest, is a good actress, but her failure to communicate fluently in Pidgin English made her character less enjoyable. One was left thinking of how it would have been better with an actress who had more flair for the language.

All in all, Maja looks to become a classic.

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