Aftermath of 2013 Nations Cup: Gombe faults Keshi on resignation

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•Condemns exclusion of NFF staff in largesse


The 19th edition of Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa may have come and gone with Nigeria winning her third trophy of the continent’s biggest football showpiece, but what transpired at the tournament is still reverberating in the country days after the Super Eagles braved all odds to win the coveted trophy after 19 years.

Former Gombe State Football Association chairman, Alhaji Shuaib Ahmed Gara Gombe, told Sunday Sunsports penultimate week that inasmuch as Nigerians are happy for the Super Eagles’ feat, some of the things that happened during and after the championship did not give him cause for joy. According to the social critic, the way and manner Coach Stephen Keshi spoilt the joy of Nigerians after the victory in South Africa with his purported resignation, is to say the least condemnable.

Gombe also condemned the reward system, whereby it is only the coaches, players and backroom staff of the team that government and corporate individuals have been recognising and giving rewards without sparing a thought for the board members of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), who according to him, did everything possible to give Keshi and his assistants the enabling environment to perform their duties with less hitches. His words: “Super Eagles’ victory at the Nations Cup was unexpected. It was victory achieved by the accumulated efforts of different groups and individuals.

It wasn’t a one-man effort, so no individual should lay claim to its glory. “We should thank God that everything worked in our favour in South Africa during the Nations Cup. Like every other patriotic Nigerian, I am happy that our efforts were not in vain. The victory is for all of us, particularly those Nigerians, who prayed day and night for the team to succeed. He continued: “As a person, I have never been a friend of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF). But this time round, we all worked together for Super Eagles to succeed.

The NFF gave Keshi the enabling environment and free hand to assemble the crop of players he used for the Nations Cup, and today, victory is ours.” On Keshi’s resignation immediately after Super Eagles won the 2013 Nations Cup in South Africa, Alhaji Gombe said that it was wrong for the coach to have chosen that period of Nigeria’s celebration to announce his resignation. He equally condemned his choice of announcing his resignation in South Africa.

“Keshi did not behave well by announcing his resignation in South Africa. It was a wrong time and place to announce his resignation. Doing that at the peak of the period the country was basking in the euphoria of the Nations Cup victory was wrong. He simply spoilt the joyful mood in the country with his action. “I later spoke with Keshi and he told me his grievances. Though I sympathised with him on some of the issues he raised, I disagreed with the way he went about it. I told him that he could have waited and come back home to discuss those problems with his employers.

“Now that he has courted the attention of President Goodluck Jonathan, he should know that he is not going to work with the president after all. It is the same board of the NFF, which he tried to rubbish that he will still work with,” he reasoned. Gombe further faulted the system whereby all the rewards and accolades are directed at Keshi, his assistants and the players, with nobody remembering the NFF board members, who made the work of the team’s technical crew easier.

“Why should all the rewards and recognition go to only the coaches and players, while leaving the federation members out of the largesse?” Gombe queried. “Things are not done like that. The coaches and players did not work in isolation, the federation was there to make the work of technical crew easier for them and, therefore, the members of the federation should be recognised and rewarded adequately alongside others. None of those who made donations to the coaches and players remembered the members of the federation.

That is wrong. “The implication is that the situation could breed corruption. One can say that the board members do earn their salaries, but that does not make much sense. Since they were not recognised in the flow of the largesse, if the $1.5million prize money for winning the Nations Cup comes from CAF, the board members might decides to use it to reward themselves,” Gombe reasoned. On the criticism leveled against Keshi by the NFF after Nigeria’s first match at the Nations Cup in South Africa, Gombe said that no employer would fold his hands when his employee is not producing the right result.

He said that it was the action of the NFF that gingered Keshi and the entire team to wake up from their slumber to produce the winning result in South Africa. “It is true that some of the languages used by some of the board members may not have gone well with Keshi and his assistants, but the truth is that if they had not intervened by criticising Keshi and his team, we wouldn’t have had the cause to celebrate today,” Gombe stated.

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