AEG set to change the face of Nollywood

| February 1, 2013 | 0 Comments

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Africa Entertainment Group (AEG) is set to change the Nollywood  by placing it on the mainstream of the global movie industry. This will not only further boost the profile of Nigerian film industry but also push Nollywood movies into the mainstream of the global movie industry. AEG also  said it plans to bring top Hollywood actors to Nigeria.

This and other plans were unfolded by the leader of the group, American based Nigerian actor, Mr Pascal Atumah.

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos, Atumah said the decision to come up with the AEG was to have a platform that would be global and capable of pushing the Nollywood movies on world stage and through this raise further its profile.

He noted that despite the huge gains the Nigerian film industry has made, it is still not accepted in the mainstream global movie industry, and that is what AEG plans to correct.

He said, “I had the Pacal Atumah Productions, African Entertainment Group, Canada and African Entertainment Group, the United States of America (USA) and then this guys the have the Craigwal Entertainment. What we did was to come together and form one company under the African Entertainment Group (AEG). We formed this company so that we can produce African movies that can go globally.

We have already produced Only in America, Hurricane in the Garden, American Nurse, American Nurse 2, Okoto the Messenger, Who is the Man which had Jim Iyke in the cast and the rest of them. So, instead of CraigWal doing their thing in Nigeria, Pascal Atumah Production doing their thing in Canada or the US, we said why don’t we merge the whole company? This is what we did last year.

“Immediately after that, we went into production of a film with which has cast like Billy D. Williams, Lynn Whitfield because our goal was to break into the world market. We went an all American cast with an interjection of African actors like myself, my brother and a Nigerian actor based the US.

“So, our goal is this: the story belongs to us as Africans, the directing is me, an African and the production company is African owned. The whole production belongs to us, but we shoot for the world market in terms of distribution, quality, storyline. We did that for some of our movies like Only in America; My American Nurse 1 and 2 for the international market. What we want to do is that if our movie is coming out today, it is released simultaneously in Asia, Europe and Africa on the same day the way the big studios do their thing. So that is what we are doing.

Nollywood has done wonderfully well and has put Nigeria’s name in the global map but there is one thing that has not been done yet: we don’t have any Nollywood actor that is accepted globally.

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