A True Awakening for Nollywood

| February 2, 2013 | 0 Comments

By Ada Igboanugo

Studio84 Productions last week screened a 45-minute preview of their new movie, Awakening, to journalists. The movie is directed by James Omokwe and produced by Theresa Ananenu with screen play by Ahanmisi “Gee” David, and looks set to score big on the posed to captivate the entire Nigerian populace.

The screening held at the Silverbird Cinemas and the A-list celebrities in attendance included the star actors of the movie, OC Ukeje and Deleke Aroloye.

After the screening, questions and comments were taken and Omokwe gave a summary of the experience gained shooting the movie. He explained how the team began filming with an initial sum of $318 (N50,000) until halfway into the shoot, the team started getting support from friends and family members. He also pointed out the team’s challenges while they worked with limited funds adding that it did not deter them, but made it more fun to finish the project. “The film took four months to shoot and 10 months to finish post production,” he said.

The movie enjoyed some positive reviews from journalists. “I have never seen storytelling done this way in Nollywood,” one journalists was heard saying.

The Awakening takes the viewers on an exciting and unpredictable journey into several mysterious deaths that profoundly affect the lives of two strangers who are thrown together by fate or design. They begin to investigate the connection with the deaths and discover a sinister plot by greater forces. Together, they race against time to find a solution to the strange events.

The movie is the first feature length production of Studio84, a two-year old company owned by James Omokwe. Studio84 is a film company determined to use Nigeria’s (and Africa’s) film industry to promote and increase the knowledge and understanding of our arts, literature and culture, and to develop a wider non-African audience for our cinemas. “The pursuit of possibilities and excellence in entertainment is what drives our desire to make a change in the film industry of today,” he said.

The company has several movies and projects in line for the year 2013 but Awakening is their debut production. This thrilling suspense adventure film was shot in a real-time documentary style complete with tense and unusual camera angles. The cast includes Femi Brainard, OC Ukeje, Kehinde Bankole, Brian Okwara and many other immensely talented actors.

Awakening is scheduled to be released in March and is set to change the Nigerian Film industry with respect cinematic in-depth storytelling.

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