A Honda NX Dominator You Never Saw Coming [Photo Gallery]

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The Honda NX Dominator is a legendary enduro bike which is still providing owners with tons of fun and pleasurable experiences.

No matter how old such a machine could be, it’s still capable to go the extra mile and will happily cross rivers and dunes, forest and all, unless someone brings it to the CRD’s headquarters. Because the CRD Spaniards will transform an NC650 Dominator into something completely new.

If someone asked us to imagine a Honda Dominator morphing into a nifty, sleek track racer with immense old-school attitude, we’d most likely laughed and said it’s impossible. At least for us, because taking a good look at the CRD Coyote makes it clear that these Spanish guys have way more imagination…

Stripping everything off the old Dominator, tank and all bodywork included leaves the NX650 show it’s real potential. With a Bultaco Mercurio 175 GT tank replacing the old one and a completely new custom seat, the Honda Dominator was already a different beast.

Hand-made fenders, Excel rims and a KN high-performance filter in plain sight make mistaking the old dual-sport for anything else a matter of high certainty for the untrained eye.

Together with the revamped forks and and Öhlins rear shock, lal the changes place the CRD Coyote in league with bikes the old Honda NX650 Dominator never even dreamed of comparing to.

Check out the CRD Coyote, a Honda Dominator in disguise photo gallery

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