4 Lies That You Have Been Told About Nollywood

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There are some major lies surrounding Nollywood that holds the industry and the people in it down from advancing. Many people also do not understand the standard of the industry due to these lies. We have cracked some of the common lies that you have been told about the nigerian film industry.

The Industry Is Difficult To Get Into

This information is false, in fact, the reverse is the case. However, you need to understand some basics about the industry. Despite what people say, you can also learn these basics very fast. You just need the right mindset.

Nollywood is All About Arts And Fun

If you go into the industry with the notion that you are going to make art, you will fail. You must be a good businessman to make it in the industry. The only words that a businessman knows are writing cheques, negotiating and revenue. If you don’t speak these languages, you will get a lot of surprises in the industry. Nollywood is not about art, it is business.

Filmmaking In Nollywood Is All About Production

Nollywood is more than just a production centre it is a movie market. Filmmakers work harder to distribute and market movies than they work to produce them.

Nollywood is home to some serious movie business

This phase costs them more money than the production phase. It is the phase that determines their revenue. Their films have no value until have gotten the right distribution deal. So. they try to be good at this.

The Budget Of Nollywood Films

No film industry ever really tell the truth about film budgets, and Nollywood is not an exception. The budget of a feature film in Nollywood is one of these two: The Micro-Budget and The Macro budget.

Micro-Budget is the most common one and with very small amount they can make movies that are less visually pleasing. However, they could also have strong messages to pass.

The Macro Budget typically works well with production companies that have a number of people who belong with the company. They put the money together and are able to make a visually pleasing movie.

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