2012, worst year in Nigeria’s history –Rommy Ezeonwuka

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Just recently, the Ogirisi of Igboland, Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka, organised a cultural event at Rojenny Tourist and Games Village, Oba, Anambra State, to mark the end of 2012. The event, which involved various dance groups, masquerades and musicians, was witnessed by visiting African Americans, who came to identify with their ancestral home.

He spoke on  the purpose of the cultural event, the state of Ndigbo, Nigeria and his assessment of 2012.


Death of Yakowa, Azazi and others.

It is most unfortunate that such prominent people had to die like that. It is another sign of carelessness in some quarters, which really have to be probed with all seriousness. It is sad and shameful to have such accident at this modern age of highly sophisticated and advanced technology. Those in position to probe the incident should do a good job to unmask the circumstance behind it.

Reason behind the cultural night event?

It is to revive and promote the culture of the Igboman which is on the thresh hold of being extinguished. Our people have massively turned their back at the culture and tradition of our ancestors and the development is having negative impact on our day-to-day lives. Things are changing for the worse. Other tribes are progressing ahead of Ndigbo because they respect the culture of their lands.

People are dying untimely under unacceptable but avoidable circumstances. Crime rate is high. Armed robbers and kidnappers are terrorizing people in Igbo land. As I Igbo guys in the Diaspora, Abuja, Lagos and elsewhere did not come home for Christmas and New Year because of fear of being kidnapped or attacked by armed robbers. Worst of all most Igbo businessmen who have enough resources to invest in the land and provide subsistence activities for the youths are running away. They are taking their businesses to other parts of the country and aboard where they feel their lives and their resources are safe.

The situation is very bad and dangerous toward the development and progress of Ndigbo and nobody is doing anything about it. The Federal Government appears to be incapacitated in checkmating kidnappers and armed robbers in Igbo land. As a matter of fact Ndigbo is doomed if we don’t find a lasting solution to this menace. I have told them that the solution is not running away, they have to come back and let us join hands to fight the problem.

As the Ogirisi Igbo with the mandate for conflict resolution among the people individually, family, community and general level, I have made recommendations in finding lasting solutions to the problems facing Ndigbo. My recommendations include, according those who died during the Biafran civil war the normal Igbo burial rites. Secondly, I have told Ndigbo to stop depositing dead bodies in mortuary because it unholy and absolute nonsense. Storing dead bodies in mortuary is totally nonsense.

Our antecessors in their wisdom and concern for the welfare of the succeeding children established it that when someone dies the person has to be buried immediately with the survivors according him or her the deserved burial rites. But today we have ignored that particular way of burial by storing dead bodies in mortuary. In Igbo land today the number of dead bodies in various morgues are alarming and I can tell you that their spirits are behind some of the problems we have in Igbo land now.

I have observed as Ogirisi Igbo that the causes of our problems especially as regards to insecurity are traceable to the failure of the people to follow the cultural path of their ancestors.

African Americans in attendance

They came to identify with Igboland as their ancestral homeland. There was a research, which proved that Igboland is the ancestral home of the African Americans. It was discovered that their fathers were those who were sold to the white people from Igbo land as slaves during the slave trade and those who were convinced by the out come of the research came down from America to perform the ritual of cleansing at the palace of Eze-Eri in Aguleri, Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra State.

They were taken to a place called Omambala River where the Eze-Eri carried out the cleansing exercise to cleanse them from the abomination and stigma of slave trade.

 Nigerians being bad eaters

We have to review our diet. The kinds of food Nigerians eat are terrible. I have told people around me that it is very bad to eat pounded cassava because pounded cassava, which is called fufu, or akpu is highly demonic. It is demonic in the sense that it has no nutritional ingredients capable to enhance one’s body or sense of reasoning. Most Nigerians don’t know that bad food contribute a lot to their sense of reasoning on the negative.

Have you ever thought about the reason why Nigeria cannot be found in the fields of science and technology? Why our athletes cannot win Olympic medal? It is because of bad food that people consume on daily basis. We have to look at the diet we take. India, China and other Asian countries did all these things before reviewing their diets and other things before finding their way out of the dark. Except we do the same we shall ever remain in darkness and suffering.

Assessment of 2012

Very poor. Nothing changed nor improved for the better. Corruption increased, armed robbery and kidnapping increased.  Nigeria still remains in the dark without hope for steady power supply. More people died this year than last year. Is that a good sign of a growing country? So 2012 is a colossal failure and except we review ourselves as a nation we are going nowhere.

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