100 years of what?

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Since the idea of celebrating Nigeria at 100, many ideas have been mooted by different people but some of these people are just looking for another way to steal. Recently, there was a meeting at Sheraton Hotel Lagos where Senator Pius Anyim and Chief Edem Duke spoke with some people plus the Nollywood people. I was invited by SMS to attend this meeting; I did not attend because the invitation came rudely from the biggest Nollywood ‘impersonator’ who has turned the presidency to his home and office.

These kids cannot exploit me and I expect whoever wants my contribution should approach me directly. I remember how these kids did their worst to sidestep me to cause a grudge between film’s old and young stakeholders. Whatever anybody says in Nigeria, you can’t wish me Eddie Ugbomah, Ola Balogun, Oba Dosunmu, Jab Adu and Francis Oladele out of Nigeria’s movie industry. It is pity Pa Ogunde, Ade Love and Adamu Halilu are dead, but the show must go on.

Since 2010 to 2012, I spent my money to produce a talk show titled “History of Motion Pictures in Nigeria”. Most of the worthless TV stations were offering me N15,000 to N25,000 per episode. Only AIT paid N100,000 per episode and screened it till late 2012. People in this country have no respect or appreciation and that is why we don’t have database, library or archives for films and documentaries in this nation.

One thing I will do is give these boys a fight for their money. I will quickly appeal to the federal and state governments not to use these boys to steal money. With a 15-man team of old and new guys personally picked by me, we will give lobbyists a race of their life. Some are running to OBJ (Olusegun Obasanjo) who was a young man during Independence so his facts are from tales and his personal experiences. I hope Baba Iyabo won’t allow these kids to use his good name or hard-earned reputation to steal from his friends. My group made up of reliable and de-tribalised stakeholders will surprise the country with the thee-hour docu-drama of Nigeria at 100; it will remain on people’s minds forever.

I have made films people cannot forget which has motivated today’s film producers. My group is interwoven because art has no language and is a very important part of this nation. The two ministers we might need are the Ministry of Information and Ministry of Culture, Tourism and National Orientation –not their money but materials, logistic and encouragement. We need the Police and the entire Armed Forces’ support. One sure thing is that we can do without anyone who refuses to support us or cooperate with us, but they will be sorry for not supporting us. We won’t pay the security people because we are making a Nigerian state movie. We will need security support so that we don’t disgrace Nigeria with our amateurish guns, uniforms, improvisation and wrong presentation, but if they refuse to help or dare give us astronomical charges, we will give them improvisation and they will regret forever!

I am happy the Senate will continue their argument that government should go shopping for money. This is why every TV house owner is crying about NTA getting billions of FG subventions and NTA still enters the market to compete with them for adverts. My headache is that it is so hard to achieve anything without government’s touch, but I am appealing that both Federal and State government should give logistic not cash or political influences. Many companies, multinationals, telecommunications, banks can help us raise N350m for this historical epic. There will be the usual court threats when this docu-drama comes out.

I am glad that as the head of these crusaders, I am de-tribalised and I don’t owe any military or political person a favour. Most of my military and political friends have done little or nothing to aid my growth and achievement so they can’t accuse me of being an ingrate. All the nasty activities like nepotism and corruption will be exposed so that we can correct these anomalies now. We talk of unity while we go behind to finance kidnappers, terrorist, tribalists and corruption.

If we fail to get honest people to fund us, we will shoot the movie on loan payable after release. It will be an achievement for any actor, cinematographer that is invited to give their unbiased support to this movie. Imagine a film that will cover 100 years of the turbulent life of Nigeria. It will be a 50,000- man crowd with major stars in the film “100 years of Nigeria, so what?” The film will be edited and released aboard, so we need all hands on deck. People have to keep an open mind so as to avoid corruption and tribalism.

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